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Teaching Experiences

Teaching Fellow, Boston University

PS101: Introduction to Psychology

Fall 2023 - Guest Lecturer, Graduate Teaching Fellow, Course taught by Dr. Anne Gehrenbeck-Shim

Spring 2023 - Graduate Teaching Fellow, Course taught by Dr. Martha Tompson

Spring & Fall 2022 - Guest Lecturer, Graduate Teaching Fellow, Course taught by Dr. David Shim

Spring 2021 - Guest Lecturer, Graduate Teaching Fellow. Course Taught by Dr. Tracy Dunne

Fall 2020 - Graduate Teaching Fellow. Course taught by Dr. Barak Caine

"Basic introduction to the field of psychology; topics include theories and findings governing learning, memory, perception, development, personality, social and abnormal psychology." - From Boston University

PS251: Personality Psychology

Fall 2021 - Graduate Teaching Fellow, Course taught by Dr. David Shim

"The historical development of personality theories and their application to social, research, and clinical concerns are emphasized. Classic theories of personality (e.g., psychoanalytic, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, and social roles) are explored and evaluated through lectures, readings, and case materials. A consideration of trait-based approaches and personality disorder with regards to DSM 5 criteria is also included." - From Boston University

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Guest Lecture: Introduction to Neurobiology and Neuropsychology (Fall 2022)

  • Neurons

  • Brain structures

  • Brain lobes

  • The nervous system

  • Synaptic transmission

  • Brain development


Guest Lecture: Basics of Memory (Fall & Spring 2022)

  • Forms of memory: sensory, short-term, long-term

  • Encoding memories

  • How LTM is organized

  • How we retrieve information from LTM

  • How we forget information

  • Neural bases of memory

  • Tips for improving memory/studying


Guest Lecture: Ethics and Bias in Psychology and Beyond (Spring 2021)

  • Tuskegee study

  • Scientific Racism

  • Ethical reforms

  • Racism within modern medicine

  • COVID-19 experiences for minority individuals 

  • Jane Elliot and the "Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes" study

Selected Course Evaluations

Spring 2023

  • " Arcadia made the course material so much easier to digest with her really relatable analogies and pneumonics. Her slides were concise and cohesive and she did an amazing job of emphasizing important subject matter. Her passion for the course was contagious, so I was always engaged and interested"

  • "Absolutely love her, was very interesting and made sure everyone understood the concepts"

  • "She was very engaging in discussions and always willing to explain a concept again in another way to help us understand. She was also very playful and made class a lot less intimidating, sometimes it felt like talking to a classmate."

Fall 2022

  • "Arcadia is good in giving examples to help us better understand the concepts. She is dynamic when reviewing the information during the discussion sections. She is also always open to feedback."

  • "Arcadia made the discussion sessions so interesting. Every discussion session we had, she made the difficult terms seem very easy. She knew how to grab everyones attention with her definitions of all the topics. The class was always active and she makes you want to participate, which rarely happens in other classes."

  • "Incorporates learning games to stimulate interest and assist in the studying process. She is transparent with her students, which I appreciate from instructors. Slides are very useful and include necessary information, thus we can expand on our lecture notes in discussion. Always has the best energy which you can see rub off on students."

Spring 2022

  • "Savior of taking psych101. Memory lecture was the most engaging all year + information on the slides was actually helpful for notes, comprehension and studying."

  • "Loved this discussion section with Arcadia. She would help clear up any content from lecture that may be confusing and also basically went over the course content. Super helpful and such a godsend for this course"

  • "Best TF I've had so far. Amazing energy and can tell she genuinely cares about the information being taught and helping her students attain the best grades possible"

Fall 2021

  • "She really knows her stuff and is always willing to help. She went above and beyond to help in this course and I would love to have her as a TA again. I truly appreciated the quizzes and extra content she would make for us."

  • "The discussion was generally really enjoyable and it was a really good time to review content. Arcadia was always available for help with office hours or individual meetings and put a lot of effort into her presentations, and they helped a lot for exam preparation."

  • "Arcadia is a very helpful and knowledgeable TA, and she clearly wants us to feel comfortable and do well. She explains lecture concepts in different ways and uses real-world examples that really help students to understand the material better (i.e., to solidify lecture material). It is obvious that she spends a lot of time planning classes and putting together elaborate powerpoints for us and she sets expectations for us to look at the material outside of class, which makes sure we are engaged and taking initiative to learn and study by ourselves."

Spring 2021

  • "Arcadia has done an incredible job of engaging us during discussion through providing a variety of engagement opportunities. Whether this may have been through Kahoot quizzes, Jeopardy review games, videos, presentations, or personal anecdotes as they relate to a given topic, Arcadia left me feeling far more confident in course material than I originally had been. I found that each discussion section was engaging, even if we were focusing on a presentation, and Arcadia took breaks to engage us in conversation. She was also strong when it came to answering any questions we may have had. Overall, Arcadia provided a wonderful environment in discussion sections where I felt comfortable participating and asking questions/making mistakes (in some cases)."

  • "Very good at providing interesting and relevant class materials like videos, podcasts, and other media that made the class more engaging, especially for online."

  • "The instructor is really approachable which makes me encouraged to participate, ask questions and stay engaged. The instructors seem to know the subject well and can answer any questions asked"

Speaking Campaign

In early 2023, Arcadia developed "The Healthy Relationships Guide," a 40-minute college-level educational presentation on health relationships. Covering topics like forms of abuse, the power & control wheel, the cycle of violence, and more - the presentation aims to provide necessary education on relationships in order to prevent dating and domestic violence. In conjunction with the Miss America Organization, Arcadia delivered the presentation to 2,000 students across the east coast at universities like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Maryland, Emory University, and Dean College. To schedule a presentation, email

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