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What I Stand For

As a scientist, I'm passionate about preparing children of all backgrounds to succeed and meet their cognitive potential. Broadly, my research interests involve the effects of early adversity and chronic stress on neurocognitive development with the intent on improving long-term cognitive and academic outcomes for underserved populations. I intend to pursue a career in Education Policy.


Outside of my research, I stay active in my community. As a survivor of dating violence, I have become a passionate advocate for dating and domestic violence prevention. In my work as Miss Boston I have traveled around the state sharing my story and educational resources to teens and young adults. I have made local, state, and national partnerships. In June I will compete for the title of Miss Massachusetts. Visit my Miss Boston page to learn more about the work I'm doing, and how you can help!


Additionally I am passionate about student welfare. Through this site and my social media platforms I aim to help young women in STEM forge their way through academia. I also serve as the President of the Graduate Student Organization where I have pushed for financial and COVID-19 supports for graduate students.

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Arcadia Ewell, M.A.

Third-Year PhD Student | Content Creator | Published Author | Miss Boston

Hi, thanks for stopping by...

I'm Arcadia, a third year PhD Student at Boston University where I am studying child development. Outside of academia, I am passionate about dating/domestic violence prevention after my own experiences as a stalking survivor, I'm a published children's book author and playwright, and am currently serving my city as Miss Boston 2023


2020- Present

Doctoral Degree


Intended Dissertation Topic: Developing a mechanistic understanding of maternal reminiscing quality



Master's Degree

Research Topic: Early biological and environmental correlates of school readiness.


Bachelor's Degree


Thesis Topic: Consequences of unsolicited advice in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

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