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Hello, I'm Arcadia, a third year PhD Student at Boston University where I am studying Developmental Science. In addition to my love for research, I'm passionate about science communication and making higher education more accessible to all. It is my belief that the role of a modern scientist is not just to make advancements in the lab, but to also connect with the public for our research to reach its greatest levels of impact. Outside of academia, I am passionate about domestic violence prevention and am a lifelong volunteer within the Miss America Organization.


Arcadia R. Ewell, M.A.

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Broadly, my research interests involve the impacts of early adversity and stress on neurocognitive development. For more information about my interests, current projects, and publications, visit my Research page.

Outside of my research, I stay active in my community. As a survivor of dating violence, I have become a passionate advocate for dating and domestic violence prevention. Additionally I am passionate about student welfare. Through this blog and my social media platforms I aim to help young women in STEM forge their way through academia. I also serve as the President of the Graduate Student Organization where I have pushed for affordable housing and COVID-19 supports for graduate students.

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"Nothing in science has any value if it is not communicated" -Anne Roe