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Service Work & Leadership

2023 - Present            Communications Chair, Grad Student Action Network

                                    Coordinate with executive board on initiatives and programming to benefit graduate students nationally

                                    Manage all social media accounts

2023 – Present            SciComm Committee & Advocacy Committee Member, National Science Policy

                                    Aid in planning a 2-part Science Policy Writing Workshop for Advocacy

                                    Aid in planning an Advocacy 101 workshop for the NSPN National Symposium

                                    Serve on a mental health sub-group tasked with bringing attention to current policies shaping mental                                                health care and regulation

                                    Plan a virtual hill day and train NSPN members on effective advocacy

2022 – Present            Committee Member, BU Community Safety Advisory Group

Design and disseminate surveys to assess student concerns and university response to several safety issues

Conduct nationwide listening tour consisting of focus groups at peer institutions

Draft policy memos with recommendations to university administrators

2017 – Present            Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate, Various Organizations

         Featured Accomplishments:

  • 2023 Keynote speaker at Community of Conscience Brunch for Casa Myrna DV shelter alongside MA Lt. Gov. and Attorney General (~170k raised)

  • 2022 Table Host for Community of Conscience Brunch with Casa Myrna DV shelter

  • Partnered with Jane Doe Inc. to raise $149k for domestic violence prevention efforts in Massachusetts

  • Presented "The Healthy Relationships Guide" to 2,000 students

  • Conducted 70+ psychoeducational groups for children living in My Sister's Place Domestic Violence Shelter

  • Published "Katie Kitty Wants a Hug" - a children's book on the importance of consent

  • 2018 Keynote speaker at Reclaim the Red at the University of Maryland

  • 2018 Keynote speaker at Raising Queens Table Talk by An Earthly Embrace

2022 – 2023            President, BU Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

                                Meet regularly with Dean Malika El-Jeffries and Provost Daniel Kleinman regarding graduate student affairs.                                    Oversee the body of elected departmental representatives from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

                                Featured Accomplishments:

  • Initiated annual free Linked-In Headshot and Webinar event.

  • Secured non-service stipends for future executive board members

  • Advocated for parking discounts for graduate students.

  • Advocated for housing affordability initiatives for graduate students.

  • Worked collaboratively with university administration to begin the formation of a whole-school graduate council to represent 17,000 graduate students at Boston University.

  • Assisted with a Nation-wide Day of Action for Reproductive Rights

2022 – 2023            GRS Student Representative, Graduate Student Advisory Council for Associate Dean Jeffries-El

                                Represent graduate student voices, concerns, and questions in the formation of new policies within the                                            Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.


2022 – 2023            Special Assistant to Admin and Comms, National Association of Graduate/Professional Students

              Research and create an online repository of resources for graduate students

              Aid in the creation and maintenance of an official website

              Collaborate in the planning and execution of a National Conference and Legislative Action Days


2022 – 2023            Committee Member, BU Climate Survey Working Group

                                Aid in the creation of a university-wide survey of campus climate in collaboration with Rankin & Associates                                      Consulting

                                Develop a marketing/communication plan to keep the BU community updated and engaged in survey                                              progress.

                                Contribute to data analysis and oversee the distribution and utilization of results.

2022 – 2023            Committee Member, BU Provosts Faculty Teaching Awards Committee

                                Review nominees and make recommendations to the Provost and President for the University’s highest                                            teaching honors.

2020 – 2022             Secretary, BU Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

                                 Organized meeting minutes and organization records.

                                 Managed biweekly listserv and social media accounts.


2019                         Team Leader, Homeless Children’s Playtime Project

                                 Led a team of six undergraduate students in supervising safe playtimes for children living in a homeless                                           shelter in Washington DC.

                                 Facilitated debriefing conversations following volunteer shifts

2018                         Intern, American Psychological Association – Office of Violence Prevention

                                 Facilitated data analysis on effectiveness of the ACT: Raising Safe Kids Intervention Program.

                                 Disseminated research on violence prevention on APA Blogs and social media sites

                                 Invited Guest at 2018 Congressional Briefing on Gun Violence

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